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Learn from the 'Development A-Team', whenever you want, wherever you want!

Everyone knows that the really big gains in property investing are made in development. Imagine finding or creating a free block of land! Wouldn’t that make a difference to your property portfolio! Wouldn’t that lay the foundations of your financial future!

Unfortunately, as well as big gains there are numerous pitfalls so it pays to get educated! Here is an opportunity to fast track your property development education ... and at your pace.

Introducing the Developing for Profit Home Study Course!

This is a comprehensive 12 Audio CD Home Study Course of the entire Developing for Profit workshop.

Here's what you get:

  • Over 14 hours of development focussed education from leading property and development professionals and investors.
  • Comprehensively covered on 12 audio CD's, so you can listen to them whenever and wherever you want and at your pace!
  • Be educated on the entire development process: from locating and researching sites, setting up development appropriate purchasing entities, through to the application process and selection of consultants, sourcing your builder and finally what to do with the end product.
  • Know the Development Approval Stoppers before you start developing!
  • Learn the best places to locate your next deal and how to negotiate
  • Avoid the development pitfalls by knowing what to research, when to research and how to research
  • Discover why avoiding using your architect's builder could save you thousands (or in Geoff Doidge's case, hundreds of thousands of dollars!)
  • Along with many more hours of profit generating and pitfall avoiding tips!

Your development education is learnt from the best... professionals and investors who deal with development every day of the working week.

Here are your Development A-Team:

  Michael Matusik - Leading property commentator and strategist.
Learn how to find the next hot spot, where the property market is heading and what is REALLY happening with demand and supply.
  Kerrie-Anne Bailey - Tax Accountant and trained Solicitor
Kerrie-Anne covers in depth the consequences and advantages that are available to developers from a taxation and GST perspective.
  Rob Balanda - Lawyer, Author
Clauses for developers, Joint Ventures, Heads of Agreement and Co-ownership... don't know what some of these are? If you are considering developing then it is important you find out here!
  Shane Smith - Town Planner and Surveyor
Shane and his off-sider Shane walk you through the complexities of town planning, what is involved in making an application and the all important Show Stoppers!
  Warren Schrodter - Development Finance Specialist
So many times they say that it all comes back to your finances, so why not hear from the best! Warren is an investor, has worked for the big banks and has a highly regarded and successful mortgage brokerage. Learn about the various finance options available to developers and how to improve your borrowing capabilities.
  Justin Eslick - Buyer's Agent and Town Planner
Justin takes an in depth look at the critical research to reduce risk, a better way to approach the sourcing and purchasing of development sites and how to use town planning to buy better.

Elin Power - Investor Profile

Beginner's luck in developing
  Mark Andrews - Feasibility Analysis
  Dylan Cain - Civil Engineer
Complex problems, simple solutions
  Bradley Beer - Quantity Surveyor
Depreciation Schedules, Construction Cost Calculators, 'Scrapping' and Builder's Claims
  Seth Long - Certifier
The ins and outs of obtaining Building Approvals and how to get them cheaper and faster!
  Aaron Johnston - Builder Broker
Having trouble finding a builder? Not anymore!
  The Sharon Wilson Team - Real Estate Agents
Marketing, renting and selling

And of course the Reno Kings will talk you through their experiences, both good and bad to help educate you on how to make profit and avoid the pitfalls .

In all there are over 15 highly experience investors and professionals and over 14 hours of educational material to help you to become a developer and to help the experienced developers become better at what they do.

Bonus CD!

Included in the pack for a limited time is a bonus 13 th CD containing the two workbooks that were used at the event, as an e-manual. That is a total of over 560 pages of valuable information that will enable you to study along with the audio workshop at home.

Available now for only $997 including postage and handling.

This is the whole two day workshop, produced on 12 audio CDs to make up a Home Study Course, with a 13 th CD containing the workshop manuals, for less than half the price of attending the workshop in person .

For more information on the workshop and how to attend, click here.

To invest in the Home Study Course, click here to buy now.


Hear what others have had to say about the two day workshop:


"Excellent workshop! Very informative and lots of useful info. Great that downsides as well as upsides are covered. Guys are honest and likeable!" S.A. Scarborough

"Fantastic, well worth the money & effort! Investment in education and future earnings."  B.B. Gold Coast

"We are just in the process of developing with very little knowledge. I am amazed at what is required. What an eye opener. Very exciting."  N.H. Tasmania

"It was a full weekend. I have learnt so much & I know from just one speaker I will save thousands on my next tax return." K.J. Dee Why

"Ok. I had turned down buying a development site as I feel I was jumping in too quickly and needed more info. After doing this workshop, I feel quite ready now to buy that property & look forward to developing." S.W. Gold Coast

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